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Mastered using Web/Mobile Max Presence

Original audio waveform Mastered audio waveform

Video supplied by Singer/Songwriter and RemasterMedia user, Chris Jamison. All rights Reserved. To hear Chris's latest release, check out his website.

Mastered using Web/Mobile Deep Detail

Original audio waveform Mastered audio waveform

Video supplied by PTC’s VP of Communications and Media, and RemasterMedia user, Jonathan Kersting. All rights Reserved. Check out more information about the Pittsburgh Technology Council.

Mastered using Web/Mobile Max Presence

Original audio waveform Mastered audio waveform

Video supplied by Musical Artist and RemasterMedia user, FRZY. All rights Reserved. Check out FRZY's website.

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I upload music to my Facebook page, but everything feels less exciting than when I mixed it, what happened? What can I do to maintain sound quality and consistancy for my video podcast series? My audio is mixed into my video, how can I master it without separating it from the video?


Not all content, social media channels and hardware are created equal. Not all online mastering platforms are created equal. An intuitive, comprehensive solution is required.


We have one. RemasterMedia is the all-in-one pro level mastering tool that optimizes audio files to provide greater depth, dynamics, clarity and stereo imaging. It’s the only platform that allows you to upload video and audio files in one simple step. Our engineers designed mastering profiles that suit your creative needs and your choice of distribution channels – web/mobile or broadcast. Select a custom profile, audition, process and download.

6 steps to better audio


1. Submit media

Upload your media file(s). We accept many audio and video formats.


2. Select profiles

Select the profiles you would like to try and execute sound mastering.


3. Preview

When mastering is complete, preview and compare the original sound to the mastered sound.


4. Checkout

Select the mastered media you would like to download and proceed to checkout and payment.


5. Download

After the payment process, download a zipped folder of your mastered file(s).


6. Share

Publish your mastered files to the appropriate online or broadcast channels.

Recording sound

Every Video or Audio file can be optimized to sound it’s best for your audience.
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Pro mastering at a fraction of the cost

First five minutes are $4.99 plus $3.99 for each additional five minutes of your audio track. High volume users can take advantage of cost effective licensing options.


Test your media and mastering profiles by uploading and processing them. You will be able to preview them before any payment is made.



Do you want to include audio remastering functionality in your own application? We provide a public API that lets you integrate with RemasterMedia. Contact us for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Studio equipment

Our technology intuitively targets and compensates for those frequencies that undergo the most severe loss of fidelity due to streaming. That means your mastered track will not only sound amazing online, it will stand out from the other content around it.

71% of the content made today is digitally distributed over the web.
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